Bulk SMS & Bulk WhatsApp

Bulk SMS Services will cater to all your business needs in the click of a button.

Bulk SMS & Bulk WhatsApp

Want to get to your existing and potential customers quickly?

Want to drive more traffic to your website just by the click of a button?

Want to expand your reach and brand awareness online?

Bulk SMS Services will cater to all your business needs in the click of a button. Arepock Tech is a Bulk SMS Service provider in Delhi. With our professional services, reach your customers quickly and cost effectively.

  1. With our services you can effortlessly personalize your bulk SMS. You can add names or custom fields. You can compose it in many languages. You can also schedule/stagger your sends, add opt-out path and more.
  2. Our software easily inserts images, videos, PDFs, links, datapacks, spreadsheets as short links in your bulk SMS Service campaigns. Thes interesting attachments will easily grab your customers’ attention. Our campaigns will help you convey your message/advertisement in a creative way with more character space.
  3. You can also enable two way interactions. Customers can instantly reach you by just texting into your short/long codes and keywords. You can add features like setting auto-replies or direct them to the website. You can also take the conversation forward on other channels with these Bulk SMS Serivices
  4. Provide your customers with important account/service updates, notifications, & more by automating Whatsapp messages. With Bulk SMS service you can even receive customer enquiries on Whatsapp and continue the conversation.
  5. You can also include short URLs in your SMS campaigns on-the-fly and get higher response rates by creating discount vouchers, coupons, tickets, web surveys, questionnaires and forms right from our web portal. Include them as an additional incentive to your customers and increase reach.
  6. With our Bulk SMS services you can also measure your campaign outreach. It shows the effectiveness of the campaign with real-time reports, and granular click metrics. These statistics are available for all the web links and attachments that you decide to send as short links via SMS.
  7. We make it easy for you to manage your account, users, data and statistics. Scale up one notch higher with our professional and robust SMS gateway/ We offer features like tiered account structure for teams/franchises, user roles and privileges, audit trail, bespoke services & a lot more.

Get best-in-class SMS delivery with Aeropack Tech, the best Bulk SMS provider in Delhi.

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