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What is thermal?

Any object with temperature above absolute zero emits a detectable amount of radiations. Thermal camera converts IR radiations into gray value, and establishes the accurate corresponding relation between gray value and temperature through the temperature measurement algorithm model. The model (Temperature Gray Level Curve) is obtained by black-body calibration.

It is well-known that one major symptom of virus infections is fever. Therefore, thermal camera with high temperature accuracy can detect the elevated body temperature to make the preliminary screening. Thermal cameras are advisable to be installed at the places with long queues such as passport control.

1. High Efficiency: It takes only one second that thermal camera can detect temperature of each person. Thus, no congestion will be made when passing through the site where temperature needs to check.
2. Safety: Thermal camera supports non-contact temperature measurement which can achieve accurately measuring temperature around 1 meter away. That reduces the risk of infection coming from physical contact.


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Thermographic fever screening Solution Advantages.

AI Face detection

Thermographic fever screening Bullet/Turret cameras provide AI Face Detection function, locate multi faces intelligently and measure the faces only , to reduce false alarm from other heat sources.

Onboard Audio Alarm

Thermographic fever screening Bullet/Turret cameras are able to do onboard audio alarm, notice the operator without the requirement of other sirens , reduce the complexity of whole solution.

Unique Self-developed Algorithm

thermographic fever screening products are embedded with self-developed algorithm, which specially optimized for temperature measurement thermography. Combined constant temperature/dust-free automated manufacturing process with big data, could ensure the accuracy of thermal cameras


Frequently Asked Questions

Outdoor wind and sun can easily affect the body surface temperature and the working status of the camera, which results in a deviation between the measured body surface temperature and the actual body temperature. From the perspective of ensure the accuracy, we strongly recommended the solutions used indoors.
The camera recognizes faces when screening. It supports up to 30 faces. But still we recommended to carry out temperature measurement in order.
The black body is a standard temperature source, the thermographic cameras are able to calibrated based on the temperature of the black body.
The black body only needs to be powered, no internet required.
Thermal cameras are available with a black body to increase accuracy. Currently black body only supports Chinese power supply standards. And no overseas certification.
No. At present, cameras with accuracy higher than 0.5 require black-body online real-time calibration and intelligent compensation. The accuracy of black body is currently plus or minus 0.2, and it is impossible to achieve 0.1. Highprecision accuracy solutions right now are all 0.3.
The cameras are able to use face recognition technology, so other heat sources will not cause false alarms.
5 minutes after the handheld camera is turned on, 30 minutes after the bullet / turret camera is turned on.
Thermographic handheld camera support value character turn red automatically when detect temperature-exception, but no other method to notice. Not support link with VMS.